Our holdings include:

  •     Portrait collections of Emperor Francis I and Prince Eugene of Savoy: about 200,000 graphical representations of people from ancient times to the present day
  •     Images of historic events, landscapes and towns, natural history illustrations
  •     Art collection of the Swiss physiognomist Johann Caspar Lavater: approx. 22,000 works of art
  •     Book plates from the 15th to the 20th century
  •     Photographs from the fields of architecture, portraits, reportage, theatre and travel
  •     Austrian posters and flyers from 1900 onwards
  •     1914–1918 wartime collection: documenting the events of the war
  •     The former Familien-Fideikommissbibliothek of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine and its archives
  •     Marks of homage to the imperial family: examples of the art of Historicism and the Jugendstil

Searching the holdings

Image database bildarchiv austria
View about 200,000 historic portraits and over 650,000 historic photographs, graphics, posters and other images for academic, commercial or editorial purposes. 

ÖNB Digital
Research the digitized holdings of the picture archive and the collections of the Austrian National Library.

Collections available through the catalogue QuickSearch
Durchsuchen Sie die Bestände der Fachbuchsammlung Bildarchiv und Grafiksammlung, die Bücher der Fideikommissbibliothek, die Kriegssammlung 1914–1918 und Teile der Exlibris-Sammlung.

Archives of the Fideikommissbibliothek
The files in the archives of the Fideikommissbibliothek can be found via the database of the ANL archive.