Antike Darstellung einer Menschengruppe aus der Wiener Genesis.

Our research mission statement

The holdings of the Austrian National Library are situated in a broad historical, geographical, cultural and political context. The research based on them represents an important contribution to Austrian and European intellectual and cultural history.

By cataloguing its objects at the highest scientific level, the Austrian National Library promotes and initiates diverse research projects. Its rich holdings are regularly the subject of independently conducted research projects. The scientific work carried out at the Austrian National Library is integrated into the national and international research landscape through cooperation with other knowledge institutions and close collaboration with scientists. An inter-university course in Library and Information Studies teaches library research at university level.

As one of the largest libraries in Austria and one of the most important universal libraries in Europe, the Austrian National Library plays an outstanding role as a "memory store" of intellectual culture. This is achieved on the one hand by the systematic collection of printed and electronic media, and on the other hand by the continuous expansion of the diverse, largely unique holdings in the special collections. In addition to papyri, musical scores and manuscripts, the collections include 

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