Museums Digital

Experience the museums of the Austrian National Library virtually

Statue von Karl VI. im Zentrum eines barocken Bibliothekssaal

360-degree view of the State Hall

Discover the splendour of the State Hall virtually - as part of the 360-degree online tour.

The Dome Fresco of the State Hall

Thanks to the gigapixel shot, it's possible now to admire this work of art up close for the first time.
Loungebereich mit Wandtafeln und Sitzgelegenheiten

Virtual tour through the Literature Museum

Enter the lounge on the second floor of the Literature Museum and learn how Ernst Jandl's director's chair became the subject of a poem.

Virtual visit to the Egyptian afterlife

Discover the room of the Papyrus Museum that contains the oldest object in the Austrian National Library: the 3,400-year-old Book of the Dead of Sesostris.
Prächtiger goldfarbener Raum mit Parkettboden und Deckenfresko

The most magnificent room in the Globe Museum

Immerse yourself into the so-called "Gold Cabinet" from the end of the 17th century.
Reading rooms at Heldenplatz and Papyrus Museum

Due to filming, the reading rooms at Heldenplatz and the Papyrus Museum will be closed fon Saturday, March 2. Thank you for your understanding.

State Hall and Augustinian Reading Room

Due to filming, the State Hall will be closed from February 27 until March 12, 2024. 

The Augustinian Reading Room will be closed from February 27 until March 8, 2024. During this time, no books can be provided from the collection in the State Hall. As a substitute, the Reading Room of the Collection of Manuscripts and Old Prints (Josefsplatz 1 in the left wing of the building, Manuscripts Staircase 2nd floor) will be available during regular opening hours.
Thank you for your understanding.