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Restoration of the State Hall

With over 200,000 historic books, the unique library hall is one of the most beautiful in the world and was last subjected to extensive conservation measures in 1955. Now the 300-year-old baroque splendour is getting a makeover: the State Hall will therefore be closed for restoration work until 31 December 2022.

As a digital substitute and to bridge the waiting time, the State Hall can be visited while the work is being carried out as part of a new » 360-degree online tour.

Almost 70 years after the last comprehensive restoration of the interior in 1955, extensive conservation and restoration work is now being carried out. Gilding, elements made of stucco, marble, stone and metal, and last but not least the historic bookshelves are being restored in elaborate steps. The valuable books will be professionally covered during the restoration and will be removed from the shelves one by one and cleaned after the work has been completed.

Some facts:

  • 128 bookcases and shelves
  • 48 windows
  • 20 doors and 28 tables/display cabinets
  • 17 statues and 12 busts

Follow the steps of the restoration here or follow us on the social media channels (» Youtube» Facebook and »Instagram)

You can see the new splendour of the State Hall clearly with the "Before-After" slider – just try it out!


Setup of the scaffolding

Covering of the bookshelves

Cleaning of the statues

Restoration of the gildings



More impressions

Setup of the scaffolding


Laser-cleaning wood

State Hall Restorations through the Ages

Restoration of the Baroque building only 40 years after was constructed

The former Court Library was built in 1723-1726 according to plans by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach by his son Josef Emanuel Fischer von Erlach and required renovation after only a short time: Structural damage in the dome meant that the building, erected on the site of the former riding school, was at risk of collapsing. As a result, massive pilasters were erected in the interior, and iron anchors and rings were installed to prevent the collapse. These renovation measures were carried out from 1765 to 1767 by the Austrian-Italian Baroque architect Nicolaus von Pacassi. The dome fresco was also damaged in the process, and was restored by the famous painter Franz Anton Maulbertsch.

Roof fire in the Year of Revolution 1848

When Prince Windisch-Graetz and the imperial troops began shelling the city on 31 October 1848, a fire broke out in the Hofburg and the roof of the Court Library went up in flames. The history painter Franz Geyling restored the damaged dome fresco in 1849-1850.

The following trades are involved in the restoration of the State Hall:

  • Holz: KOPP Restauratoren GmbH
  • Vergoldung: Bietergemeinschaft Thurner Verena und Schaunigg GmbH & Co KG
  • Stuckmarmor: Atelier Thomas Mahr, Stuckmarmorrestaurierungen GmbH
  • Stein: Restoration Company GmbH
  • Metall: Metallwerkstatt Christian Reisinger
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