The State Hall's statues

The larger-than-life marble statue in the oval-shaped centre of the State Hall represents Emperor Charles VI as “Hercules Musarum”. It dates back to 1735 and was allegedly crafted by Imperial Court sculptor Antonio Corradini (1668–1752). The other marble statues depict Austrian and Spanish Habsburgs and were created by the brothers Peter (1660 – 1714), Paul (1648 – 1708) and Dominik Strudel (1667 – 1715).

1Emperor Ferdinand III (†1657)
2Leopold Wilhelm, Archduke of Austria (†1662)
3King Ferdinand IV. (†1654)
4Rudolph III, Duke of Austria (†1307)
5King Philip II of Spain (†1598)
6Meinhard II, Count of Gorizia and Tyrol (†1295)
7Charles II, Archduke of Austria (†1590)
8Don Juan de Austria (†1578)
9King Charles III of Spain (Emperor Charles VI) (†1740)
10Rudolf IV the Founder, Duke of Austria (†1365)
11Albert VII, Archduke of Austria (†1621)
12Maximilian III, Archduke of Austria (†1618)
13King Ferdinand V (†1516)
14Sigismund the Rich, Duke of Austria (†1496)
15King Charles II of Spain (†1700)
16King Albert II (†1439)


State Hall

Due to an event, the State Hall will be closed from 12 p.m. on June 3, 2024.

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