Historische Zeichnung eines Pumas

We invite you to sponsor a historical animal depiction from the imperial collections. The colourful original watercolours come from the estate of Emperor Ferdinand I (1793-1875) and show mostly domestic and exotic animals from the former Court Natural History Cabinet.

Today, the magnificent zoological picture collection comprises around 10,000 animal watercolours by the most outstanding natural history artists of the 19th century.

If we are to preserve these treasures for future generations, we need your help. By taking on a sponsorship, you will support the Austrian National Library in the restoration and conservation of these and many other unique objects. You can also make a gift of a sponsorship for birthdays, anniversaries or to animal lovers: a special present related to the recipient’s favourite animal or star sign, or as a symbol for a valued quality, for example "strong as a lion" or "light as a butterfly".

In return for a donation of 500 euros

  • you will be forever linked to your chosen animal watercolour,
  • you will receive a sponsorship certificate with the name you have chosen and the title of your sponsored work,
  • a bookplate will be attached to the work, documenting the personal, lifelong relationship.

All animal views and the request form can be found here or click below on "Choose your animal".

Become an animal sponsor

Help us preserve our treasures.

Roter Papagei mit gelben und blauen Farbakzenten

The donation is made once only, and may be tax-deductible.

We gladly advise you with the selection of your sponsorship or with the search for a special animal representation!

Michaela Hübner
Sponsoring and Event Management
Phone: +43 1 534 10-263
E-Mail: buchpatenschaft[at]onb.ac.at