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Right-click on any image of a digital copy to open the context menu that offers the options for free download.

In principle, the old prints in the collection can simply be ordered via the online catalogue and read in the Augustinian Reading Room (Augustinerlesesaal) - we will inform you about any restrictions in the library regulations. For online ordering you will need a day or year ticket.

When searching for call numbers, always enter an asterisk after the number, e.g. BE.5.Y.9* or 4.A.16*

When searching for "numerus currens" numbers, enter a hyphen and an asterisk after the number, e. g. 569682-*

Please note: The asterisk in front of the call number is part of the number, but is perceived by the system as a truncation character.
For example, the same search will yield the hits for call numbers *28.B.6 and 28.B.6.


For more information on the waiting time, please refer to the list of site keys.

Wearing gloves is only necessary in exceptional cases if the collection staff ask for it.

Parts of the holdings of the Augustinian Reading Room can be used as an open access library and are marked accordingly in the online catalogue. For more information, please contact the reading room's information service.

Collection objects can be photographed in the reading room according to conservation guidelines (using foam wedges, etc.).

The reading room may not be photographed so as not to infringe on the personal rights of other readers.

Copies of modern secondary literature can be made at the coin-operated copier in the reading room, subject to copyright regulations.

For longer breaks, please hand in your collection items at the book counter. Your personal items can remain on your desk.

An overview of the digitisation costs and the usage fees can be found in the price list.



Information on the use of manuscripts can be found here.



You can order upt to 7 manuscripts per day. For further information, please refer to the Regulations for using the Department.


When searching for manuscript signatures, please refer to the overview of holdings. Manuscripts can be searched for by entering the signature between inverted commas ("Cod. 145"; "Cod. Ser. n. 160"; "Cod. Mixt. 113" etc.).

Special conditions of use apply to manuscripts, autographs, bequests and incunabula, which can be found in the Library Regulations.


Please select "Handschriften und Nachlässe' (manuscripts and bequests) from the drop-down menu and use the advanced search, which offers several search options.

For manuscripts containing a single text, you will find all the information in one data record.
For manuscripts with several text units you will find a so-called master data record (parent data record), which offers general information (time of origin, localisation, number of leaves, format, writing material, binding, provenance etc.), as well as data records on the individual text sections (articles/separate volumes). To display all text units of a manuscript, please click on "Artikel/Einzelbände in neuem Fenster" (show articles/separate volumes in new window); information on the convolute volume can be found under "Übergeordneter Datensatz" (higher-level record).


Reading rooms at Heldenplatz and the departments

Due to maintenance work, the reading rooms at Heldenplatz and all departments will be closed from Thursday, July 25 to Monday, August 5, 2024.

Due to the shutdown of the ordering system, no media orders can be accepted from Wednesday, July 24, 2024, 4 pm to Friday, August 2, 2024, 4 pm. The first book collection will take place again on Monday, August 5, 2024.

State Hall

Due to an event, the State Hall will be closed on August 28, 2024.