Institute for Conservation

Auf einem Arbeitsplatz liegt eine geöffnete kolorierte Druckschrift auf Keilkissen. Alle Materialien und Werkzeuge liegen bereit, um durch Kupferfraß brüchig gewordene Stellen zu hinterkleben.

Preserve knowledge for the future

Whether it is books, autographs, maps, globes, printed graphics, drawings, watercolours or photographs: we, the conservators at the Institute for Conservation, work on a daily basis to preserve the holdings of the Austrian National Library for the long term.

Our primary goal is to preserve cultural heritage – for generations to come.

We conserve

Many eras are present at the Institute for Conservation. From medieval manuscripts to baroque copper engravings and manuscripts from contemporary authors: we strive to stabilise the current state of our objects over the long term. The guiding principle here: to present projects of the past in their original state as far as possible and keep these accessible for the general public.

We restore

Restoration is more than just mere stabilisation, and concerns books, images or photographs that can no longer be read easily. Here, we try, with procedures such as additions and retouching, to return the object to its original state as far as possible and to restore the aesthetic readability of the work.

We care

At the Institute for Conservation, we perform a range of preventative measures to avoid damage and avert the need for conservation in the first place. These measures include, for instance, suitable environmental conditions in the depots, moving into ageing-resistant archive materials, as well as the proper positioning and regular cleaning of the objects.

Reading rooms at Heldenplatz and the departments

Due to maintenance work, the reading rooms at Heldenplatz and all departments will be closed from Thursday, July 25 to Monday, August 5, 2024.

Due to the shutdown of the ordering system, no media orders can be accepted from Wednesday, July 24, 2024, 4 pm to Friday, August 2, 2024, 4 pm. The first book collection will take place again on Monday, August 5, 2024.

State Hall

Due to an event, the State Hall will be closed on August 28, 2024.