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With a stock of over three million objects of the most diverse historical media genres, the Picture Archive and Graphics Collection is the largest picture documentation center in Austria. It is an archive, library, scientific picture agency and reproduction service point for picture orders from all collections of the Austrian National Library.

What to expect at our Department?

In our beautiful rooms in the Corps de Logis in the Neue Hofburg you can

Our scientific staff will be happy to assist you in your search for pictorial material and documents from the holdings of our collection

  •     prints, watercolors, hand drawings
  •     historical photographs and posters
  •     the former family fideicommiss library of the House of Habsburg-Lothringen

Order reproductions
You can order digital reproductions of our inventory objects on site or online in the webshop.

Consult specialist literature
Our extensive selection of literature in the fields of art, history, photography, architecture and much more invites you to browse in a quiet atmosphere.

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