2021: Vision 2035: Opening spaces

2021: Vision 2035: Opening spaces

Vision 2035

Longer-term strategic planning has become an indispensable tool in the library world in a time of dynamic changes in digital technologies and media. As far back as 2012, the Austrian National Library presented its first long-term concept for the future under the title "Vision 2025. Knowledge for the world of tomorrow". As a continuation, the Library presented its » "Vision 2035. Opening spaces" to the public in 2021. It describes four central lines of development that will guide the library on its way into the future:

  •     We create new forms of access to our diverse collections.
  •     Our spaces are open for new forms of learning and creative exchange
  •     We open up new opportunities for research
  •     Together with others we achieve more

These guidelines form the basis for the Austrian National Library's concrete strategic goals, each of which is drawn up for a five-year period and which are currently being prepared for the period 2022-26.

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