Centifolium Stultorum: Büchernarr

The Collection of Manuscripts and Rare Books includes:

  • Manuscripts from all literate cultures, from late antiquity to the present day
  • Autograph documents and bequests from the 16th century onwards
  • Books dating from the earliest days of printing (incunabula) up to 1850, plus rare and valuable editions and numerous special collections (e.g. "Japonica", or pamphlets) right through to contemporary artists' books
  • Files from the ANL archive, the Broda archive and the Waldheim archive
  • Specialist literature about the different categories of holdings
State Hall and Augustinian Reading Room

Due to filming, the State Hall will be closed from February 27 until March 12, 2024. 

The Augustinian Reading Room will be closed from February 27 until March 8, 2024. During this time, no books can be provided from the collection in the State Hall. As a substitute, the Reading Room of the Collection of Manuscripts and Old Prints (Josefsplatz 1 in the left wing of the building, Manuscripts Staircase 2nd floor) will be available during regular opening hours.
Thank you for your understanding.