Gegenüberstellung digitale Edition zu einer Seite aus einem Okopenko-Originalmanuskript

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Current and completed projects at the Literary Archives
Handke-Handschrift mit Korrekturen

Peter Handke Notebooks

The digital edition of the notebooks of Nobel Prize winner Peter Handke is currently available as a prototype
Screenshot der Startseite von Handkeonline


HandkeOnline creates a fast and uncomplicated access to the work materials of the Austrian author Peter Handke.
Schwarzweiß-Foto des Autors Musil

Digital Musil-Edition

A prototype for a digital music edition, a selectively edited digital presentation of the extensive œuvre of Robert Musil (1880-1942)
Autor Andreas Okopenko

Diaries Andreas Okopenko

In the diaries of Andreas Okopenko (1930-2010), the early writing and creative process can be traced through poetological reflections and literary text drafts
Korrespondenzkarte, adressiert an August Sauer

Correspondence Sauer Seuffert

The correspondence between August Sauer and Bernhard Seuffert is one of the most important Germanist correspondences of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Konzentrische grüne Kreise, in der Mitte der Name "Ernst Jandl"

Net Biography Ernst Jandl

Ernst Jandl Online is an approach to make visible a life without narrative
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Literary journals

Online directory on the subject "Austrian literary journals 1945-1990
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