1992: Book Storage Depot, Aurum, General Refurbishment Heldenplatz

The next important step was taken in 1992 when the book storage depot opened underneath the Burggarten terrace. The library thus not only gained modern storage areas on four underground levels, but an additional user area for new media and large formats on the top floor.

In 1999 the Aurum opened as a generously spaced entrance hall and event lounge on the ground floor, underneath the State Hall. The Papyrus Museum was moved to the Neue Burg.

During the complete refurbishment and modernisation of the user area on Heldenplatz in 2004, the Main Reading Room and the Magazines Reading Room were completely rebuilt and furnished with a glass lift and barrier-free access ways. Moreover, a comfortable reading lounge was installed in the Pillar Hall, as it had finally been possible to remove the card catalogues thanks to the introduction of electronic catalogues.