2012: The Library of the Future: Vision 2025

2012: The Library of the Future: Vision 2025

Vision 2025

In its Vision 2025. Knowledge for the World of Tomorrow (published in 2012), the Austrian National Library outlines its long-term perspectives for the future and its position in tomorrow’s knowledge society.

Vision 2025 rests on four fundamental values to which the library commits itself:

  •     Free access to knowledge
  •     Innovation
  •     Education
  •     Responsibility for inherited knowledge.

Building on these values, Vision 2025 defines five central goals that are directly related to the library’s legal mission and which will determine its strategic priorities for the years to come. Their common denominator is the transformation of a traditional twentieth-century library for scholars into an open knowledge centre of the twenty-first century.

The following five mottos define the goals for the library’s future development:

  •     Our holdings have been digitised.
  •     We collect and conserve knowledge in any format.
  •     Our knowledge has become more easily accessible.
  •     We facilitate the diversity and effectiveness of research.
  •     We contribute to the enrichment of cultural and social life.

The concrete implementation of these five long-term goals follows defined strategic goals that have been scheduled for periods of five years each.

The Austrian National Library looks to the future with optimism and confidence.