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"Waste paper" from 3,000 years of Egyptian history is the focus of the Papyrus Museum. The Papyrus Museum sees itself as a window to the diverse holdings of the Papyrus Collection. With its approximately 180,000 objects, the Papyrus Collection has been inscribed on the World Documentary Heritage List since 2001.

The exhibits illustrate changing languages and scripts and take us back to everyday life long ago. Whether homework or letters, the texts offer an immediate insight into a world that sometimes seems very familiar to us.

Experience in the Papyrus Museum ...

  • 1 permanent exhibition with around 400 exhibits spanning 3,000 years
  • 13 thematic areas from living to dying in the land on the Nile
  •  over 2,200 years old music
  •  a road network of more than 200,000 kilometres from England to India on the Tabula Peutingeriana
  • a total of 14 metres of the Book of the Dead, presented in an interactive media station
  • 73 mummy tablets
  • texts in 10 languages
  • 11 multimedia stations
  • 1 annual special exhibition with treasures from the holdings of the Papyrus Collection
  • and much more ...

The Papyrus Museum has been awarded the "Österreichisches Museumsgütesiegel" (Austrian Museum Certification).

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