Papyrus mit dem Bericht einer Wirtshausschlägerei

Report on a tavern brawl

Greek, 30 September 142 BC, papyrus
G 57700

... On the second leap day, people got drunk ...
an ugly situation arose ...

The senders of this report were the heads of the village of Peembasbytis. They asked the judges in the district capital Herakleopolis (i.e. the next highest authority) for administrative assistance, as they were unable to take any further action themselves.

Unfortunately, only the left half of this papyrus has survived, which means that much of the original text remains hidden from us. What is clear, however, is that a few days before this letter was written, there was a brawl between drunks in the village, which led to the subsequent investigation: The following day, those involved were questioned. They stated that they had "no time" for the trial. Later, they even resisted the investigation.

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