Drawing of a scorpion on a small sheet of paper. It was used as an amulet.

Amulet against the sting of a scorpion

Coptic, 10th cent. AD., paper
K 7110

This amulet is supposed to protect against the sting of a scorpion. The image of the scorpion is accompanied by text. In Coptic, the archangels Raphael, Gabriel and Michael are mentioned.

Of course, all our objects are unique, but this type of amulet was widespread in Egypt. Such amulets have survived on papyrus, parchment and paper. The papyrus collection has over 20 amulets against the dreaded sting of the scorpion.

Would you like to know more amulets against scorpions?

In Egypt, amulets of this type were in use across religious and linguistic boundaries.

In the Papyrus Collection there are amulets in Coptic and Arabic, but there are also copies with Hebrew text, e.g. in Cambridge University Library.

You will find further information and a digital image in our database.

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