Loans of the Austrian National Library for Exhibitions

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Loans of the Austrian National Library for Exhibitions

Objects from the holdings of the Austrian National Library can be loaned for the purpose of an exhibition with the consent of the current director of the Department.

A written request with details of the desired objects (if possible with call numbers) is to be sent to the director of the relevant Collection. Loans for exhibitions require in every case a written contractual agreement (Lending Agreement).

  • The name of the borrower
  • The title of the exhibition
  • The place and duration of the exhibition.
  • Approval of the loan request by the ANL
    at least 6 months before the start of the exhibition
  • Return of the signed loan contract 
    at least 1 month before transport of the objects
  • Insurance policies 
    at least 8 days before transport of objects

The costs incurred can only be calculated exactly when a loan agreement is concluded. The processing flat rate covers administration, documentation, security copies and object manipulation.

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