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Current cooperations

The Department of Music of the Austrian National Library is currently involved in the following international and multi-institutional projects:

The Austrian editorial office of the international music bibliography RILM (Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale) is located at the Department of Music of the Austrian National Library. 

RILM is the world's largest database of musical literature and is maintained by international partnerships. The online version of RILM is available for researchers to use at any workstation at the Austrian National Library. Holders of annual passes can also use the RILM from outside the Austrian National Library using the same address.

The Institute of Austrian Music Documentation has two aims: to make the Department of Music at the Austrian National Library a meeting place – an interface between the public and composers, a place where music is actively performed; and to make an active contribution to music research in Austria through its events and academic publications.

Every year, the IÖM organises a series of concerts focusing on contemporary Austrian music. The evenings feature a distinctive combination of music, presentation and conversation.


IAML (International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres) serves as an international forum for information and contact between music libraries all over the world and plays a coordinating role in international music bibliography projects (RILM, RISM, RIPM).

The Austrian national branch of IAML (IAML Austria) was founded in December 2002. It brings together music libraries of all kinds: academic and public libraries and archives, libraries at music education institutions, music information centres, sound recording archives.

IAML Austria wants, firstly, to improve contact between Austria's music library institutions by establishing an ever-closer information network, and, secondly, to provide a common voice promoting the interests of individual libraries.

In 1829, the Leipzig music publisher Friedrich Hofmeister began to produce monthly lists of recently published music. These lists, which continued to appear until the middle of the 20th century and were entered in the music directory of the German National Bibliography, constitute a document of outstanding importance in music bibliography, because they allow the dating of the output of the many music publishing houses of the 19th century. At the Austrian National Library, this work is available as a scan of the original.

Monthly musical-literary report

In an international project led by Nicholas Cook (Royal Holloway, University of London), the collection covering the 19th century is being digitally indexed so that it can be searched: Hofmeister XIX.

Reading rooms at Heldenplatz and the departments

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