This database records literature on objects in the collection, primarily on manuscripts, but also on incunabula, autographs, estates, court library files and some prints. The data offered here is updated regularly.
Please select the type of shelfmark first and complete the shelfmark in the second input field. The option "without truncation" is used to find the exact matching search term. The option "with truncation" is used to find entries for multi-volume works such as Cod. 2759-2764 (enter "Cod. 2759") or - in the case of non-European manuscripts - to search for any sub shelfmarks (e.g. Cod. Mixt. 814/V).

Court Library filesAkt. HB
Western manuscriptsCod.
New aquisitions from 1870 onwards Cod. Ser. n. 
Armenian manuscriptsCod. Armen.
Ethiopian manuscriptsCod. Aethiop.
Chinese manuscriptsCim. Sin.
Georgian manuscriptsCod. Georg.
Greek manuscriptsCod. Jur. gr.
 Cod. Hist. gr.
 Cod. Phil. gr.
 Cod. Suppl. gr.
 Cod. Theol. gr.
Manuscript fragmentsFragm.
Hebrew manuscriptsCod. Hebr.
Indian manuscriptsCod. Ind.
 Cod. Sanskr.
Japanese manuscriptsCim. Jap.
Coptic manuscriptsCod. Copt.
Manuscripts and albumsCod. Min.
Mexican manuscriptsCod. Mexic.
Mongolian manuscriptsCod. Mongol.
Oriental manuscriptsCod. A. F.
 Cod. N. F.
 Cod. Mixt.
 Cod. H. O. 
 Cod. Gl. 
Slavic manuscriptsCod. Slav.
Syrian manuscriptsCod. Syr.


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