Hebräische Buchstaben aus Wien

Historical Hebraica in the Austrian National Library

The term Hebraica refers to works which are entirely, mostly or to a significant extent printed using Hebrew characters, regardless of the language.

Due to the centuries-old collecting tradition, the collection of manuscripts and old prints of the Austrian National Library holds a very large, important and partly unique stock of historical Hebrew printed works in international comparison. These holdings come for the most part from the printing houses of the Habsburg monarchy (Krakow, Prague, Venice, Vienna, Pressburg, etc.).

In the course of the HaLeV project (project completion: July 2008), the catalogue records of the historical prints in Hebrew script were retranslated by autopsy of the book (using the new DIN standard for a transliteration from Hebrew, published in February 2006), corrected, standardised and enriched. Titles and other information have also been added in the original script in many cases, which further facilitates the retrieval of data. It was also possible to correct erroneous attributions of author and work, incorrectly determined places of printing and errors in indexing or conversion of the year of printing, and to add missing data such as year and place. Start your search for our historical Hebraica in our Catalogue QuickSearch.