Wiener Handlungs- und Industrie-Zeitung

Our collection of newspapers and magazines is also noteworthy. In Vienna, where there was a thriving book trade from the end of the 15th century, there was a special tradition of irregularly published news sheets known as "new newspapers".
Of the 246 that are known to have been published between 1492 and 1705, 195 were published in Vienna. However, only a few of them were preserved so the library's holdings are correspondingly small. Of the newspapers that were published periodically after the 17th century, the oldest Viennese examples were the  "Ordinari Zeittungen"  that were printed in the print shop of Matthäus Formica from 1621 onwards. In addition to this news sheet, which confined itself to foreign news reports, in 1622 Formica set up the "Ordentliche Postzeittungen", which covered news exclusively from Vienna, mostly from the Imperial Court, and from Southern and Eastern Europe. Also represented in our holdings is the "Wienerische Diarium", founded in 1703 and still in existence today as the "Wiener Zeitung". In the 18th and 19th centuries, the focus is on periodicals from the Austro-Hungarian Empire published in Italian, Czech, Polish, Serbian, Croatian, Hungarian and even Latin.

You can find our historic newspapers and magazines in our Catalogue QuickSearch. Many of them you can download in digitised form via ANNO.

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