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You decide, we display!

Eine Besucherin und eine Besucher bestaunen eine Vitrine im Prunksaal

You decided! The special object for the topic „The magic of the Orient: the fascination of foreign lands” is the manuscript „The Wonders of Creation“. From 7 January 2020 the object will be shown at the State Hall. Thank you very much for your vote.

Preview: The next voting with the subject „Unhappiness in love” will take place from 18 November until 7 December 2019.

The Wonders of Creation

Manuscript, 1576/77

Al-Qazwini was a famous Persian doctor, astronomer and geographer in the 13th century. One of his main works bears the poetic title: “The wonders of creation and miraculous aspects of things existing”. It is a work of cosmography that combines the legendary and the wonderful with observations of nature. Numerous copies of the work were richly illustrated, including the one that arrived in the Court Library in the 19th century and has remained in the Austrian National Library to this day. This Persian transcript is believed to have been produced in the year 984 (1576/77 according to our calendar) in Qazwin, where the author was born, now a provincial capital in northern Iran. The illustrations depict three so-called divs, the demons in Persian mythology.

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