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Support the Austrian National Library

Buchrestaurierung im Institut für Restaurierung, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Austrian National Library! With over 11,8 million items – including books, music scores, photographs, drawings, posters, maps, globes and papyri – ours is one of the most valuable libraries in the world. As a supporter of the Austrian National Library, you will be helping to preserve our shared cultural heritage for future generations.  

Whether it is a question of restoration or a research initiative: many of the projects at the Austrian National Library would not be possible without your vital contribution!

And by the way, your donation to the Austrian National Library is tax-deductible. Any donations made from 1 January 2017 may only be deductible for tax purposes as special expenses if the donors provide their date of birth as well as their first and last names (according to the register of residents) at least once to the organisation receiving the donation. The total amount donated will be sent directly to the tax authorities every calendar year and automatically included in the employee tax assessment. It is no longer necessary to provide a confirmation of donation.

In case of any donations you would like to offset against tax as special expenses, please provide your date of birth, as well as your first name and surname in the field entitled “purpose” (Verwendungszweck) (important: exactly as spelled on your certificate of registration). For more information, please also see » here.

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