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Zwei Reiter auf einem Weg am Flussufer, auf der anderen Seite eine Ortschaft mit Kirchturm
Lithographie Dürnstein

We invite you to become a sponsor and adopt a picturesque historical view of the Danube. You can choose from ‘two hundred and sixty-four Danubian views taken along the course of the River Danube, from its source to its drainage into the Black Sea’.

These 264 high-quality lithographs from 1826 show places in the former countries along the Danube — Baden, Württemberg, Hohenzollern, Bavaria, Austria, Hungary, Syrmia, the Banat, Bulgaria, Wallachia, Moldavia, Bessarabia, and many others.

A depiction of your native region or town from the nineteenth century, a memory of a wonderful holiday, or a nostalgic outlook on your next destination — be inspired by the views of the Danube and become a sponsor. You can also present an adopted work as a gift on a special occasion, be it a birthday, wedding, or anniversary.

By becoming a sponsor you will support the Austrian National Library in the restoration and conservation of precious objects. 

With a donation of 500 euros

  • you will always be connected with your chosen view of the Danube; 
  • you will receive an adoption certificate with the name you have chosen and the title of your adopted work; 
  • a plate will be attached to your work, documenting your personal and lifelong relationship. 

Your one-time donation is tax-deductible.

For all views and online request click » here.

Choose YOUR personal work for adoption from the views still available:

Menschen beim Angeln und Spazierengehen, am anderen Ufer eine Stadt mit Dom

Hafenszenerie mit vielen Menschen, dahinter Stadt mit Dom
Lithographie Wien

Dorfszenerie an Flussufer
Lithographie Alt-Orsova

For all views and online request click » here.

We will be happy to advise you in the choice of your adopted object:
Michaela Hübner
Sponsoring and Events
Tel.: +43 1 534 10-263

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