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Anniversary and birthday newspapers – selection list

Please choose from the following titles: 

TitelVerfügbarer ZeitraumErscheinungsortErscheinungsweise
[Der] Abend14/06/1915 - 16/02/1934ViennaDaily except Sunday
Deutschösterreichische Tageszeitung01/04/1921 - 22/07/1933Viennadaily
Illustriertes Wiener Extrablatt 24/03/1872 - 16/12/1928Viennadaily
[Das] kleine Volksblatt01/01/1929 - 31/08/1944;
05/08/1945 - 30/09/1962
ViennaDaily except Monday
Kleine Wiener Kriegszeitung01/09/1944 - 07/04/1945ViennaDaily except Monday
[Der] Morgen24/01/1910 - 07/03/1938Viennaweekly (Monday)
Neues Österreich23/04/1945 - 28/01/1967ViennaDaily except Monday
Neues Wiener Journal22/10/1893 - 31/01/1939Viennadaily
Neues Wiener Tagblatt10/03/1867 - 07/04/1945Viennadaily
Neuigkeits-Weltblatt28/11/1880 - 31/12/1943ViennaDaily except Monday
[Der] Niederösterr. Sport26/08/1948 - 31/12/2002ViennaEvery Wednesday
Österreichische Zeitung15/04/1945 - 31/07/1955ViennaDaily except Monday
Reichspost 05/05/1893 - 30/09/1938Viennadaily
[Der] Tag / [Der] Wiener Tag25/11/1922 - 12/03/1938Viennadaily
Volksblatt 02/10/1962 - 15/11/1970ViennaDaily except Monday
Wiener Allgemeine Zeitung01/03/1880 - 11/02/1934ViennaDaily except Monday
Wiener Kurier27/08/1945 - 02/07/1955ViennaDaily except Sunday
Wiener Montag10/03/1947 - 30/04/1969Viennaweekly (Monday)
Wiener Salonblatt06/03/1870 - 21/08/1938Viennaweekly (Sunday)
Wiener Zeitung8.8.1703 - 29.2.1940;
from 21.9.1945 uninterrupted

Daily except Monday

 Additional titles available on request

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