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Book orders made easy

How do I get a book, magazine or newspaper?
Ordering is very easy. Order the desired item via our » catalogue QuickSearch – simply click on Order when your desired title is displayed.
Enter your user ID and password, which you received when your day ticket or annual membership card was issued, in the signing-in form.
Please use the comments section to provide details of the volume/year – and month in case of newspapers – for works consisting of several volumes.
We ask for your understanding that, for reasons of preservation, originals are not normally provided for use if the work is also available in a digitised or microfilm format.
The reference library of the reading rooms provide you with immediate access (no prior ordering required) to reference material and lexica sorted by subject.
Current newspaper and magazine issues are available for immediate use in the Magazines reading room (Reading Room 3).

How many volumes can I order at one time?
You may order a maximum of 10 volumes at one time.

Where do I obtain the works ordered?
At the book issue desk of the respective reading room.
The signature of a piece of work – shown via the link Order/Locations – provides you with information about the place of handover.

  • You can obtain holdings with the format specifications A to C and special holdings with the Neu Kat bibliographic key from the book issue desk opposite the Main Reading Room.
  • Holdings with the format specifications D to F, as well as special holdings (Neu Sond/Neu AV) are provided at the issue desk in the basement floor.

You can find a detailed list of other issuing locations on the » list of site keys.

When will the ordered works be available to me?
Two hours after ordering.
Last pick-up:
6 p.m. Monday to Friday. There is no pick-up on Saturdays and Sundays.

How long will the ordered works be reserved for me?

One week from the order date. You can extend the reservation by a further week.  

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