Niemals vergessen! Antifaschistische Ausstellung

Never forget! Anti-fascist exhibition
Victor Theodor Slama
Printer: Globus, Vienna 1946
37,4 x 27,4 in. / 95,0 x 69,5 cm
ÖNB-FLU 16310699
Poster for an exhibition in Vienna 1946

On September 14, 1946, the antifascist exhibition Never Forget opened in the Wiener Künstlerhaus. Taking up a Soviet suggestion, the municipality of Vienna, with the consent of the Austrian Socialist Party, the Austrian People’s Party, and the Austrian Communist Party, mounted an exhibition to inform the Austrian public about the crimes committed by the Nazi regime.    The famous graphic artist Victor Theodor Slama organized the exhibition, which was seen by 840,000 visitors.